—————————————-LOGO Animation—————————————-

this is a cool particle system and it can be applied on any movieclip(any size,any color).
An help file is included ,it can help you to use my files in your fla document.
Large images or non-transparent images are not appropriate for this file.
thanks for your browse!

Here is the usage:

1.put the two actionscript files and your fla file at the same directory your fla document,and drags your movieclip on the stage,then give it a instance name,assumed the name is “logo”.

3.add the following code on your frame:

var pixelLogo:Main;

pixelLogo = new Main(logo);



you can find above code in the “sample.fla” file,main timeline,first frame.

4.test movie,It’s ok now.

And,if you like it,please don’t forget to rating it.

This file can not support the transparent background,the background will always black.
This one can support any background perfect.



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