Memory Game

A Flash Memory Game, based on the simple concept of matching every pair of cards.

Are you looking for a card matching game instead?

You can easily customize the game by adding your own images.
All kinds of properties are available to give you the most flexibility.

Tip: Ideal for language learning! You can add an image and a sound with the pronunciation, so children can playfully learn by seeing and hearing at the same time.

A stand-alone version of the app (without XML) is available. Email me after purchase of an ‘extended license’ if you would like to have this.


  • Added sounds to the cards: you can hear a sound when clicking on a card and when completing a pair.
  • Custom sounds: add your own sound effect to a card.
  • Update in graphics: new background image and card image. The old background image is also included.

    UPDATE #2

  • You can now have two different pictures on a pair of cards. This means the cards you need to match up no longer have to be identical.

    Features overview

  • Preloader, showing the amount of elements loaded.
  • Smooth animations
  • Random selection of images to use on the cards.
  • Good documentation and error-handling.
  • A timer and score-keeper. The best time of the player is saved in a Shared Object.
  • Custom sound effects

    Customizable through XML

  • Number of cards
  • Path to the image folder
  • Image dimensions
  • Spacing between cards
  • Usage of round edges on the cards
  • Background image (yes/no)
  • Game timer (yes/no)
  • Score keeper (yes/no)
  • Save scores to Shared Object (yes/no)
  • Automatic completion of the last pair of cards (yes/no)
  • Positioning of the elements
  • Custom language
  • Turn card sounds (yes/no)
  • Complete pair sounds (yes/no)
  • price


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    as of September 28, 2015
    Last Update June 3, 2015, 11:50 am
    Opens With Flash CS3 (9+), Flash CS4 (10+), Flash CS5 (10+)
    Resolution Resizable
    ActionScript Version AS3
    Published Size 31.1kb