Silhouette Super-Pack

This is a Drag-and-Drop-able, fully customizable set of men, women, and children silhouettes, captured in HD and rendered as fully vector animation loops (26 in all!). The placements of these silhouettes are totally random which creates an organic feel and is unique every time.


* Flash 8 version: AS2, publishes to Flash 8 and above
* CS3 version: AS3, publishes to Flash 9 and above
* Drag ‘n’ drop
* Quantities set in ActionScript
* Totally random, organic placements
* All vector

*Additional Settings:*

* *silhouetteCloseColor:* The color of the default silhouette. Typically, you would make this a dark color but it can be any hex color.
* *silhouetteFarColor:* The color of the smallest silhouette. Use this to simulate depth by choosing a color lighter than the silhouetteCloseColor color. Use the same color as the silhouetteCloseColor color for a flat, 2D look.
* *lilSilhouette:* Flash will randomly scale down some silhouettes to this percentage of the default silhouette size. Settings of 80 or 90 will just create some size variety, while a setting of 50 or lower will create an illusion of perspective and distance.
* *baseline:* In pixels, how much higher the smallest silhouette’s “floor” will be. This is used to simulate perspective and distance.
* *percentGoingRight:* The percentage of silhouettes that will move to the right.
* *stageWidth:* The area that the silhouettes have to walk. This is currently set to use the width of the stage, but you can also hard code a pixel value.
* *silhouetteMargin:* The extra space, in pixels, that a silhouette can travel beyond the left or right edge before it respawns. This can be used to create a perceived delay in a new silhouette appearing once the previous silhouette has left the screen.

*26 premium silhouettes:*

* woman walking, ponytail
* woman walking
* woman running
* woman dogwalk
* woman bike
* unicycle (yes…a unicycle!)
* man walking
* man running
* man dog walk
* man bike
* dog
* kid tricycle
* kid smalll scooter
* kid small walking
* kid small skipping
* kid small running
* kid small jumprope
* kid small bike
* kid skates
* kid medium walking
* kid medium skipping
* kid medium running
* kid medium jumprope
* kid large skipping
* kid large running
* kid large scooter



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as of September 28, 2015
Last Update June 2, 2015, 7:10 pm
Opens With Flash 8 (8+), Flash CS3 (9+)
Resolution Resizable
ActionScript Version AS3 + AS2
Published Size 419kb