Animated Webpage Hit Counter

An all-vector, scaleable, animated webpage hit counter. The Flash file makes use of a simple PHP script (*Note: your server must support PHP 4*) which keeps track of the unique pageloads (by using cookies) and total pageloads by writing to a text file (*Note: your permissions must allow write access*). The file ‘spins’ the final numbers into place from a starting value that you can specify in the XML config file.

You can also adjust:

* the number of ‘number windows’
* whether commas are shown or not
* the number of ‘decimal windows’
* the background color of the windows
* the border colors
* the alpha value of the window highlight
* fade-in time
* blur amount
* spin speed
* delay time
* easing animation type
* sound effect volume
* whether you’re tracking total or unique pageloads

Users can click the counter to reload the current count and ‘re-spin’ the numbers to the most recent count.

*”View the file in action here”:*

*Other Files:*

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*Note:* the pixel shifting that may be visible in the preview does not occur in the actual source files. In the preview, the graphics may shift slightly because of the color functions that are being applied each time the numbers are spun.

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527 sales
as of September 28, 2015
Last Update November 13, 2013, 10:31 pm
Opens With Flash 8 (8+)
Resolution Resizable
ActionScript Version AS2
Published Size 21kb