Element Pack – Addon for Elementor Page Builder WordPress Plugin


Best Addon for Elementor WordPress Plugin​ with 105+ of the Most Popular Elements that you need for everyday use in website page building.

Development of the Element Pack addon for Elementor has the world’s best practices in code standard and meets proper validation using the latest CSS, HTML5 and PHP 7.x (Tested up to 7.2)
technology to bring you a professional addon for the Elementor Page Builder Plugin that is WordPress 4.9.x​ ready (Also tested with version 5.0.0) and compliant.

Element Pack for Elementor includes the most commonly used elements (called widgets) that help you easily manage your website content by simply using the drag and drop ability.
There is absolutely no programming knowledge required, seriously!

It’s also multilingual​ ready, including 15+ languages​ and support RTL language.

Element Pack addon for Elementor

Element Pack addon for Elementor

Element Pack addon for Elementor

Element Pack addon for Elementor

Element Pack addon language support

Included Ready Made Homepages:

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70+ Pages and 100+ blocks already included more pages and blocks are coming very soon…

Some Customer Reviews

Element Pack addon for Elementor

Every Widget Control is Now in Your Hand

Turn Off or On Any Element Pack Widget

Element Pack Included Widgets

Element Pack addon for Elementor

3rd Party Plugins Supported

We are really happy to give support some of the most popular plugins. Here are some that we have widgets for now and more are coming soon.

3rd Party Themes Compatibility

Our addon supports almost all themes but we tested some of the most popular can confirm that it works properly on the following:

Version Change-log [Full Changelog]

## 2.6.2 [28 October 2018]

### Fixed

- Element Pack Site Minified Javascript issue fixed
- Fix height of Masonry Grid
- Fix Sticky hiding with Offcanvas in overlay mode
- Fix Parallax in combination with Offcanvas in overlay mode
- Post gallery category color not changing issue fixed

## 2.6.1 [28 October 2018]

### Added

- Advanced icon box advanced radius option added
- Post block featured item height option added
- Icon link on hover option added in Scroll Image
- Single post widget excerpt option added
- Trailer box text spacing option added

### Fixed

- Register widget conflict with some theme
- Business hour widget width issue fixed
- Circle menu jQuery loading issue fixed
- Custom gallery height issue fixed
- Icon nav script updated for speed up workflow
- Post gallery category style fixed
- Protected content message option issue fixed
- QRcode widget jQuery loading issue fixed
- WC Product exclude option multiple product issue fixed
- New widgets on/off issue fixed in settings page

### Updated

- Elementor extended options added [EP] tag for better understand
- Marker tooltip control more organize
- Panel slider slide image align updated

### Removed

- Iframe has wrong control that removed

### Language 

- Language file updated
- Element Pack name now intake with english name

## 2.6.0 [22 October 2018]

### Added

- Protected Content Widget Added
- Advanced Icon Box Widget Added
- Iframe Widget added
- Advanced Image Gallery Carousel skin added
- Post Grid Widget Harold skin added
- Icon nav widget icon bottom text option added
- Panel Slider global item link option added
- Scroll Image Widget badge option added
- WC Product skin exclude product option added
- Dom functions support selectors
- Advanced Google map api key warning added
- Pause on hover option added in carousel, wc carousel, testimonial carousel, custom carousel, slider, twitter carousel widget
- Dual button separated box shadow option added
- Image compare widget few new option added
- User Login dropdown skin width option added

### Updated

- Marker tooltip position now can set individually
- Post block now you can select any post type
- Table of content button now set anywhere + can re-position for table and mobile device
- Panel slider height issue updated + image size option added

### Fixed

- Thumb gallery custom skin button style issue fixed
- Testimonial Slider Single skin arrow issue fixed
- Progress pie duplicate issue fixed
- Instagram loading issue fixed when jQuery loaded in footer
- control name conflict issue fixed for some edge cases
- Dual button editor template issue fixed
- Simple contact form submit button align issue fixed
- Custom gallery lightbox next issue fixed
- Parallax section wrong opacity value issue fixed
- Image compare widget editor load, duplicate issue fixed
- Image Magnifier widget editor load, duplicate issue fixed
- Instagram widget editor load, duplicate issue fixed
- Preserve color not working if class is set on internally used svg icons
- Close color being overwritten from toolbar in Lightbox component
- Modal not hiding upon being destroyed
- Using node as offset in position mixin
- Using Height Match component on elements with different offsetParents
- Rounding error in Height Match component
- Sticky placeholder height on resize
- Starting/stopping of autoplay in Lightbox
- Initially wrong position of background image in Parallax component
- Calling `isActive` on `undefined` in Navbar component
- Fix `isInView` function for elements with zero width and height
- Support Expired license invalid issue fixed

### Changed

- Advanced image gallery layout changed to skin
- Viewport Height component no longer sets a `height` except for IE
- Viewport Height component no longer forces `box-sizing: border-box`
- Improve Tooltip performance
- Improve Parallax performance
- Improve Sticky performance
- Rename `selModal` to `selContainer` and `selPanel` to `selContent` in Overflow Auto component

### Removed

- Remove `::-moz-selection` which is not needed anymore
- Remove component `init` hook
- Remove component `ready` hook

### Language

- Main language file updated
- Some missing language string translated properly

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